I was given the name Leo not quite 30 35 years ago, yet I'm still trying to define myself otherwise. I could be described as a postmodern deconstructionist anarcho-capitalist. I think we've all forgotten who we are, to a certain extent. This is my attempt to find myself, or you. If you think you know who I am, or who you are, or that I know who you are, or who you might be someday, feel free to engage me at any time: leo (at) amnesiacs (dot) org


Feel this. Bullion (from across the pond; the UK, to be exact) thought that it would be an excellent idea to mash up J Dilla (may he rest in peace) vs. the god-damned Beach Boys! A lot of comparisons are being drawn to Dangermouse and his Grey Album, which was okay, but. Don’t let me start hating on The Beatles or Jay-Z in a public forum, “Mr. Empire” will probably put a hit out on me.

But for real, this ish is so-so fresh! The artist, once again: Bullion. The track is “Caroline, No”.

Fanimation of Thom Yorke - Black Swan.  It’s good, I swear.

My Money and Banking instructor displayed this for the class at the end of our three hour session.

Too bad this is only a six-week semester.  At least it’ll be interesting?

Iran Updates (VIDEO): Live-Blogging The Uprising

"There are more ideas on earth than intellectuals imagine. And these ideas are more active, stronger, more resistant, more passionate than "politicians" think. We have to be there at the birth of ideas, the bursting outward of their force: not in books expressing them, but in events manifesting this force, in struggles carried on around ideas, for or against them. Ideas do not rule the world. But it is because the world has ideas (and because it constantly produces them) that it is not passively ruled by those who are its leaders or those who would like to teach it, once and for all, what it must think."

- Michel Foucault

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